Quality is our First Ingredient in Everything we Make.

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At ZoicPet, we want to create a better life for pets because we care. And while we know there are lots of choices in pet food today, we’ve thought a lot about how to do right by them because how they live should really affect what they eat. This is what drives us to create, invent and push the boundaries of what we think pet food should deliver by bringing lifestyle and pet food together. This is personal for us. So we’ll stay real, honest and true because that’s who we are and that’s how we communicate. Quality will always be our first ingredient in everything we make.

Our Brands

WidCalling Pet Food
Wild Calling Pet Food

Taking our cue from the wild west, we’ve set out to create a line of pet food that’s real, honest and true. That’s how our company operates. That’s how we deal with our retailers and distributors. That’s how we communicate.

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WidCalling Pet Food
Precise Naturals Pet Food

Our dedication to nutritional excellence is reflected in every Precise® Naturals formula we make. Each one incorporates the most up-to-date nutritional knowledge and the highest quality ingredients available. We make our pet foods right here in the USA. We can ensure that our stringent quality assurance procedures are followed before, during, and after manufacturing. Every kibble of food we make is wholesome and nutritious with safety as our number one concern. Sometimes it takes a company like Precise–a smaller, family-owned pet food company–to meet the rigorous standards of pet owners who require the best for their pets, naturally.

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WidCalling Pet Food
Precise Holistic Complete Pet Food

The science of holistic pet food is ever evolving to ensure that we provide our beloved pets with the best possible nutrition to promote health, happiness, and harmony for a lifetime. Whatever type of food you choose, your pet should thrive--exhibiting a lean, muscular physique, lustrous coat and skin, boundless energy, and a healthy exuberance that comes from exceptional nutrition. If you are not seeing these qualities in your pet, maybe it is time to try Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free.

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PET FOOD is PERSONAL to us. We believe personal is powerful. At ZoicPet, we want to be human and personal. Customers are more than just customers – they are neighbors and neighbors help neighbors. The bottom line is we care – and no one cares what we know and what we offer until they first know that we care.

PETS Before PROFIT– Of course we want to make money, but we want to do it in the right way. We want to feel good about ourselves and our pets. We want to know we’re giving our four-footed friends – the best food ZoicPet is capable of creating.

QUALITY is our FIRST ingredient. Doing quality work comes from caring which we believe makes a difference as we set out at ZoicPet to create customer experiences that exceed their expectations.

We’re here to do right by our pets and to satisfy the food needs everyone else doesn’t. ZoicPet brings lifestyle and pet food together. Because we know that our pets’ health is impacted by where and the way he lives.

REAL, HONEST, TRUE – This is how ZoicPet operates. This is how we communicate.

  • We deal with our partners (prescribers, retailers, distributors, suppliers) this way.
  • We deal with our family of associates this way.
  • We deal with the planet and the pets we serve this way.

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